The 78th NACIVT
We are excited to announce that the 78th NACIVT will be held in Baltimore, Maryland from September 2-4, 2023! Brought to you by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of Washington, DC (CCBA).
Men's and Women's
Over 80 Men and over 70 Women teams will be participating in the largest, most exciting Chinese American volleyball tournament in the world.
Teams travel from all across North America to compete. Represented cities include Washington DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal and more.

Sept 2-4, 2023

The 2023 NACIVT will be held in Baltimore, MD, hosted by Washington DC, CCBA. This year’s National tournament is number 78. Come and join this rich and historic tradition!

  • 3 DAYS
  • 150 TEAMS
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2022 Mens' Final

The 2022 NACIVT Mens’ Final was held in Providence, Rhode Island.  First time Champions SF Tien Lung Dragons Fire defeated Toronto Connex A.

Unlike traditional volleyball, 9-man features 9 players to a side, and several variations to standard volleyball rules. These changes make for a very exciting form of volleyball that features long rallies and a hyper competitive “street-ball” like atmosphere.

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2022 Womens' Final

In the 2022 Womens’ Final, Connex A bested Los Angeles IVBall in a best of three. 

On the Women’s side, teams play traditional Sixes volleyball with USAV rules. Games are played to 25 points.

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Wally Lee

"I have participated in the NACIVT for over 56 years. I was fortunate enough to come into the 9man game when there were still plenty of players who played the game while growing up in Toisan, China. Those who emigrated to the US were truly a resource for me and I learned how to play fast by watching them and then attempt to mimic their moves. Over the years of playing and coaching 9man, regardless of the memorable victories and sometimes painful losses, the friendships that I have developed with so many players and coaches from all over the US and Canada, are what I value the most. We are tied to each other for life through our NACIVT experiences. Even if I do not get the opportunity to see or speak with many of my NACIVT/9man “friends” on an annual basis, I will always regard those boys and girls, those men and women, as a special group of friends. I have this special thought for those of us who play this unique game of traditional 9man. And that is, that all of us today are an extension of the 9man family of players who came to this country looking for a better life and while doing so, they brought with them this great game called 9man volleyball."

Wally Lee
Washington DC CYC
Jeff Chung in2000

“For over thirty years, I’ve been a proud participant of the annual NACIVT. Thanks to this event I’ve had the opportunity to fall in love with the sport of volleyball while experiencing unforgettable memories with family, friends and extraordinary teammates. Having the chance to compete in 9-man volleyball has really allowed me to explore my Chinese roots throughout North America and has allowed me to further strengthen my Chinese heritage. This is a dynasty we have built and this amplifies our motivation to preserve for the generations ahead of us! Once again, it is Washington’s turn to host, and undoubtedly, their organizing committee is second to none in providing an elite tournament on Labor Day weekend. On behalf of Connex volleyball club we look forward to this special cultural event and Good luck to all competitors!”

Jeff Chung
Toronto Connex
Bobby Guen1

“The Boston Knights began playing in 1961 and is the oldest, continuous club participating in the NACIVT. Alongside Washington, DC, our two organizations have together borne witness since the 1960’s: The six decades of competition bring back memories of both the sweet euphoria of success, and the painful sting of defeat. To the past, present and future NACIVT participants, the relationships you form here with friends and foes alike will be a gift which you will draw upon for a lifetime.”

Bobby Guen
Boston Knights
Mimi Wong & Anne Lam

"When we played in the NACIVT’s women circuit, we played in playgrounds and wide dirty streets in the hosting city’s Chinatown. Number of teams has tripled since and it's amazing to see the level of play and athleticism of current teams. It’s exciting to see the number of participants and cities hosting the NACIVT. Our playing days are over but we continue to look forward to the tournament each year as volleyball parents, cheering our sons and daughters as they play in the same tournament. Most importantly, we treasure the friendships developed and sustained throughout the years."

Anne Lam & Mimi Wong
SF Just Volleyball


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